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Double-blind placebo controlled comparative evaluation studies of the topical Sildenafil and oral Sildenafil preparations demonstrated that,


  • Onset of transdermal administration of Sildenafil Gel is more faster than Sildenafil oral formulation.


  • Local application of Sildenafil citrate gel resulted in significant reduction in occurrence of severe side effects as compared with its oral form.



Side Effects: Mild Headache


Direction for Use: Woman: 0.5g to be applied to the clitoral area, ½ hr before intimacy


Presentation: 5 gm tube





  • Sildenafil citrate gel (topical) is a better and convenient alternate to oral Sildenafil


  • Can be used topically by women but the efficacy depends upon estrogen levels and the level of sexual desire.


  • Comparatively safer and less toxic




This information is meant for giving information about Gelagra Topical Gel.

It does not contain a complete list of all the risks or benefits of taking Gelagra Topical Gel.

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